VFAS3 High Performance up to 315Kw

Description Part Number Price (ex VAT) Qty
INVERTER  0.4KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 0.4/0.75KW HD/ND 1.5/2.2A VFAS3-4004PC
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INVERTER  0.7KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 0.75/1.5KW HD/ND 2.2/4A VFAS3-4007PC
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INVERTER  1.5KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 1.5/2.2KW HD/ND 4/5.6A VFAS3-4015PC
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INVERTER  2.2KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 2.2/4KW HD/ND 5.6/9.3A VFAS3-4022PC
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INVERTER  4KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 4/5.5KW HD/ND 9.3/12.7A VFAS3-4037PC
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INVERTER  5.5KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 5.5/7.5KW HD/ND 12.7/16.5A VFAS3-4055PC
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INVERTER  7.5KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 7.5/11KW HD/ND 16.5/23.5A VFAS3-4075PC
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INVERTER  11KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 11/15KW HD/ND 23.5/31.7A VFAS3-4110PC
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INVERTER  15KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 15/18.5KW HD/ND 31.7/39.2A VFAS3-4150PC
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INVERTER  18.5KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 18.5/22KW HD/ND 39.2/46.3A VFAS3-4185PC
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INVERTER  22KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 22/30KW HD/ND 46.3/61.5A VFAS3-4220PC
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INVERTER  30KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 30/37KW HD/ND 61.5/74.5A VFAS3-4300PC
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INVERTER  37KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 37/45KW HD/ND 74.5/88A VFAS3-4370PC
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INVERTER  55KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 55/75KW HD/ND 106/145A VFAS3-4550PC
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INVERTER  75KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 75/90KW HD/ND 145/173A VFAS3-4750PC
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INVERTER  90KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 90/110KW HD/ND 173/211A VFAS3-4900PC
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INVERTER  110KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 110/132KW HD/ND 211/250A VFAS3-4110KPC
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INVERTER  132KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 132/160KW HD/ND 250/302A VFAS3-4132KPC
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INVERTER  160KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 160/200KW HD/ND 314/427A VFAS3-4160KPC
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INVERTER  200KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 200/250KW HD/ND 387/481A VFAS3-4200KPC
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INVERTER  220KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 220/280KW HD/ND 427/550A VFAS3-4220KPC
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INVERTER  280KW 3PH INVERTER 400V 280/315KW HD/ND 550/616A VFAS3-4280KPC
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AS3 IIoT & Industry 4.0

The AS3 is Toshiba’s latest low voltage drive with enhanced real-time communications and advanced features. Equipped with embedded dual-port Ethernet/IP, the dual-rated AS3 is ready for use out-of-the-box with no optional devices needed. The AS3 meets the requirements of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 automation and features superior motor control technology and electrical circuit design for your application needs.

Built-in Ethernet

VF-AS3 has two ports I/F of Ethernet as standard.
Data of operating conditions and Dedicated data source can be stored to Big data and Cloud storage by Ethernet.

Real Time Clock

Calendar / Time Stamp function
Built-in Real time clock, Calendar and Event time stamp functions help operating data collection with actual time.

Web Server

VF-AS3 has a built-in Web Server function, and it can be easily accessed and manage the operating condition remotely from your PC or Smart Phone/tablet devices.

QR Code®

For the advanced information and the event of drive fault, VF-AS3 displays the QR codes, which will provide immediate access to a dedicated web link for support and maintenance.

Video Guidance

For the installation, setup and maintenance, the video guidance is available with web support.

Remote Sensor Monitoring

The sensor which is equipped in the machine and equipment, can be connected with VF-AS3 and the status can be monitored by VFD network communication.