PES Group Enclosure Modification Service

You can save time and money on all your custom panel fabrication needs by using the PES Group automated enclosure modification service. From simple holes to complex cutouts, on various materials in any shape or size, we can deliver a quick turnaround from your submitted specifications.

Machining of various materials;

  • Mild steel enclosures
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • GRP / Thermoplastic enclosures

Enclosure types;

  • Wall mounted enclosures
  • Floor standing enclosures
  • Terminal boxes

Machining of various cut-outs;

  • Square cut-outs in any size permissible
  • Holes of any diameter
  • Special cut-out shapes
  • Apertures for fans, filters, gland plates
  • Threaded holes
  • Available for mounting plates, doors, panels, complete enclosures

Automate a traditionally labor intensive process;

  • Reduce costs from time saved & increased productivity
  • Remove human errors
  • Improve safety by eliminating manual cutting with power tools

Improve quality;

  • Produce professional, repeatable holes and cutouts
  • No more ‘slightly misaligned’ pushbuttons

We use the industry leading nVent Hoffman ModCenter machine for all our custom panel modifications.

The ModCenter machine provides fast modifications, that are precise and with repeatable consistency for clean holes and cutouts from your designs or existing CAD drawings.

This means no more measuring, drilling or cutting for you, allowing you to focus your attention in other segments of your operations increasing productivity.

Interested in using our service?

Please contact your local sales branch or email with your enquiry.

We can use your existing drawings or design them for you as per your requirements.