LOGO! V8.4 with Cloud Connectivity

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LOGO 24CE 8 DI 24VDC LOGO 24CE 8 DI 24VDC 4 DO 24VDC 6ED10521CC080BA2
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LOGO 24 RCE 8 DI 24V LOGO 24 RCE 8 DI 24VACDC 4 DO R 6ED10521HB080BA2
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LOGO 12/24RCE DI LOGO 12/24RCE 8DI 12/24VDC 4DO V8.4 6ED10521MD080BA2
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LOGO 230RCE 8 DI 110 LOGO 230RCE 8 DI 110/230VAC 4 DO RELAY 6ED10521FB080BA2
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LOGO! V8.3 with Cloud Connectivity

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LOGO 24CE 8 DI 24VDC LOGO 24CE 8 DI 24VDC 4 DO 24VDC 6ED10521CC080BA1
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LOGO 24 RCE 8 DI 24V LOGO 24 RCE 8 DI 24VACDC 4 DO R 6ED10521HB080BA1
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LOGO 12/24RCE 8 DI 1 LOGO 12/24RCE 8 DI 12/24VDC 4 DO RELAY 6ED10521MD080BA1
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LOGO 230RCE 8 DI 110 LOGO 230RCE 8 DI 110/230VAC 4 DO RELAY 6ED10521FB080BA1
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With LOGO! 8, the successful Siemens logic module has launched the new generation. This new LOGO 8 module accommodates virtually every demand of customers with simplified handling, a new display, and full communication options via Ethernet. And the web server application makes everything very simple. A communications module provides for remote communications via cellular phone network.

The new generation of logic modules

  • 8 basic units for all voltages, with or without display
  • All units come with an Ethernet interface, narrow like LOGO! 6 (4TE)
  • and connections are compatible with previous versions
  • Integrated web server in all basic units
  • Display features a new look and feel
  • Seven digital modules and three analog modules
  • Digital outputs increased to 20 and analog outputs to 8

Display with a new look and feel

  • A new 6-line display with 16 characters per line means twice as many characters per message, making it possible to clearly formulate message texts
  • Display with clear operator information and fewer abbreviations for message texts as well as status information that is easier to read, easily understood menu options for operations, and more sophisticated diagnostic options via the display
  • Selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for many new options, such as the ability to optically emphasize alarm and alert status

Ethernet – the new standard with LOGO! 8

  • Integrated Ethernet interface for the entire LOGO! 8 product family. This makes it possible for LOGO! modules to communicate with each other and with all SIMATIC S7 systems via Ethernet
  • The Ethernet interface eliminates the need for additional cables for programming or for TDE; only the standard Ethernet cable is required
  • With the LOGO! CSM add-on module as an Ethernet 4-port switch expanding the Ethernet interfaces, cost-effective small local Ethernet networks can be implemented

Integrated web server

  • Integrated web server in all basic units for monitoring and control with LOGO! via WLAN and the Internet; password protected and suitable for all conventional browsers
  • The web server is easy to configure via mouse click in the software; no HTML programming knowledge required
  • Users can freely select the desired display options to match the LOGO! display or the TDE display. Check a box for the web server – done!
  • LOGO! 8 can be operated via smartphone, tablet, or PC with the same look and feel as the LOGO! 8 or TDE display; LOGO! 8 router connection required

Remote communications via cellular phone network

  • And completely new – text message communications for alerts and remote control via cell phone using the LOGO! CMR module
  • Text messaging for active automatic alerts regarding system status
  • Position recognition and tracking via GPS, e.g. for cost effective container tracking and position reporting via text message to a central office
  • CMR2020 can exchange data with LOGO! 8, send text messages independently, and read control commands from text messages, introduce them to LOGO! 8, and even synchronize to local time worldwide

New text display

  • The new LOGO! TDE with two Ethernet interfaces
  • Same mounting dimensions as before
  • Improved display with 6 lines and 20 characters per line now has more than twice as many characters as before for messages in plain text
  • As in the LOGO! display, the new TDE offers selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for optical emphasis, etc

New software in a new design

  • Familiar, easy operation in single mode and – brand new – incredibly simple configuration in network mode
  • Intuitive program creation and configuration of the many features, quick and easy connection with a mouse click
  • Automatic configuration of communication and display in the network view
  • Up to three programs can be displayed side-by-side; drag and drop can be used to easily drag signals from one program to another
  • Smooth and easy migration of programs from previous versions

Key Features

  • 4 Basic units with display, 4 basic units without display
  • Ethernet interface in all 8 basic units
  • All LOGO! 8 basic units with integrated web server
  • Standard Micro SD card for program copying, copy protection and data logging (max. 20 000 recordings)
  • Data logging on internal memory or standard Micro SD card in all basic units
  • Networking of up to 2 times 8 basic units over Ethernet
  • Communication to SIMATIC controllers, SIMATIC panels and PCs (OPC servers are based on S7 protocol over Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Program size up to 400 function blocks in all 8 basic units
  • 64 analog flags
  • 64 digital flags
  • 4 Shift registers with 8 Bit each
  • Astronomical clock with configurable on/off delay
  • Extended diagnostic functions including Ping to accessible parties
  • Configurable startup time (1 … 10 secs.)
  • Extended I/O address area (24 DI, 20 DQ, 8 AI and 8 AQ)
  • New integrated display with LOGO! Modular basic units (6 x 16 characters, 3 background colors)
  • New LOGO! TDE (6 x 20 characters, 3 background colors, two Ethernet interfaces)
  • Integrated Trace representation for analog signals with LOGO! Modular and LOGO! TDE)
  • All LOGO! 8 basic units with housing dimensions same as LOGO! 6 (4 TU)
  • Same voltage versions as LOGO! 6 (12/24V, 230V,
  • New digital and analog expansion modules for LOGO! 8


  • Programs of older LOGO! units will run without any restrictions
  • Same connecting points as LOGO! 6
  • Expansion modules of LOGO! 6/7 cannot be employed with LOGO! 8 basic units
  • LOGO! 8 expansion modules cannot be employed with older LOGO! basic units (including LOGO! 7).

LOGO! Soft Comfort V8:

  • Important new features:
  • Graphical reference functions
  • Status table including saving on PC (CSV format)
  • Enhanced diagnostic options
  • Improved commentaries
  • Improved alignment of function blocks
  • Import / export of port names
  • Replacement of function blocks
  • Virtual keyboard for message texts
  • Astronomical clock with configurable on/off delay
  • Macro (user-defined function) including commentaries, port name, password and parameter transfer
  • Offline network simulation

Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows:

  • Microsoft Windows XP 32 Bit, Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit, all versions), Windows 8 (32 / 64 Bit, all versions)

Supported operating systems Mac OS X:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard; Mac OS x Lion; Mac OS x Mountain LION, Mac OS X Mavericks

Supported operating systems LINUX:

  • SUSE Linux 11.3 SP2, Kernel 3.0.76; runs on all Linux distributions on which Java 2 runs
  • Program transfer over RS232 LOGO! programming cable. USB LOGO! programming cable and Ethernet
  • All versions can be programmed (LOGO! 0BA0 to LOGO! 8)
  • Single program and network mode
  • Data exchange between LOGO! basic units via Drag & Drop
  • Graphical representation of the network
  • Automatic configuration of the Ethernet interface
  • Automatic identification of the accessible nodes in the network
  • Enhanced usability
  • Enhanced graphical user interface (GUI)


Programs created with older versions of LOGO! Soft Comfort can be reused without any restrictions