3RT 4 Pole Contactors AC/DC Coil, up to 525A AC1

The SIRIUS 3RT contactors provide a host of advantages to optimize your plant, today and in the future. The bundling of functions in basic units, for example, results in notable space savings and more power in the same design.

The 4-pole contactor series satisfies all the demands placed on a future-proof power supply.

In light of the fact that network operators need to be increasingly mindful of power quality from regenerative energies, you’re already on the safe side with 4-pole contactors. And likewise with all other applications that require 4-pole switching – with the SIRIUS contactor series, you’re sure to find the right solution.

SIRIUS 3RT contactors – your benefits:

  • Can be used for demanding applications with AC-1 loads
  • No surge suppressors required thanks to solid-state coil operating mechanisms
  • Less space required in the control cabinet
  • Comprehensive, high-performance portfolio – updated to include large contactors
  • Fewer versions and sizes thanks to wide-range AC/DC