V20 Basic

V20 1PH Unfiltered

V20 1PH Filtered

Description Part Number Price (ex VAT) Qty
V20 1PH FILTERED 0.1 V20 1PH FILTERED 0.12KW 0.9A 6SL32105BB112BV1
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V20 1PH FILTERED 0.2 V20 1PH FILTERED 0.25KW 1.7A 6SL32105BB125BV1
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V20 ,1PH , 0.37KW V20 SINGLE PHASE 0.37KW 2.3A FILTERED 6SL32105BB137BV1
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V20 1PH FILTERED 0.5 V20 1PH FILTERED 0.55KW 3.2A 6SL32105BB155BV1
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6SL3210-5BB11-2AV0 SINAMICS V20 1AC200-240V 0.75KW/1HP 6SL32105BB175BV1
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V20 1PH 1.1KW 6A V20 1PH 1.1KW 6A FILTERED SIZE = FSB 6SL32105BB211AV0
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V20 1PH 1.5KW 7.8A V20 1PH 1.5KW 7.8A FILTERED SIZE = FSB 6SL32105BB215AV0
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V20 1PH 2.2KW 11A V20 1PH 2.2KW 11A FILTERED SIZE = FSC 6SL32105BB222AV0
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V20 3KW 13.6A SP V20 1PH 3KW 13.6A FILTERED SIZE = FSC 6SL32105BB230AV0
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With the frame sizes FSAA and FSAB for the single-phase 230V mains operation, the SINAMICS V20 is Siemen´s smallest converter on the market so far. With a width of just 68 millimeters and a height of 142 millimeters, the corporation has substantially reduced the installation dimensions of the SINAMICS V20 for low powered motors. Optionally the devices are available with integrated radio interference filter, which allows compliance with disturbance limit according to IEC 61800-3 category C1 when installed according to EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) in the cabinet. Consequently the frame sizes FSAA and FSAB comply with the disturbance requirements of industrial applications as well as with applications in residential and business areas, e.g. for commercial use such as refrigerated counters, workout devices, ventilation systems, commercial washing machines, etc.