ATyS t M (40 -160amp)

ATyS t M and ATyS g M are modular automatic transfer switches with positive break indication. ATyS t M are 4 pole (three-phase) devices and ATyS g M are 2 or 4 pole (single or three-phase) devices.
They have all the functions of the ATyS d M together with an integrated controller, giving them automatic features dedicated to mains/mains (ATyS t M) and mains/genset (ATyS g M) applications. They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.

Quick start

ATyS t M and g M transfer switches offer significant time saving during commissioning (the process takes 2 to 3 minutes). Thanks to the design that allows commissioning through just one potentiometer (4 on the ATyS g M) and four DIP switches, a screwdriver is all that is required to configure the parameters.

ATyS g M: dedicated to mains/genset applications

In addition to its single-phase and threephase voltage & frequency monitoring for both incoming sources, the product’s integrated controller also features functions that are specific to mains/genset applications (genset control, test on load, etc.).

ATyS t M: dedicated to three-phase mains/mains applications

The ATyS t M integrated controller has been designed to provide all the functions necessary for these applications (operation with or without priority, preferred source selection) together with the monitoring of the voltage and frequency of both sources for three-phase networks.

Secure programming

To ensure that the correct configuration is maintained an optional sealable cover can be fitted in order to avoid any unintentional modifications to the programming.