Flexible Busbar

Flexible Busbar

Flexible copper busbar and conductors manufactured in Germany.

Ideal for applications where fabrication of solid copper bar is not possible.

Isoflexx is constructed with multiple laminates and can be bent into acute angles and has a small bend radius. Isoflexx can be easily bolted to main solid busbar and is available in lengths of 2m as standard.

• Material : CU99.99999 pure
• Laminate thickness 0,5mm to 1mm
• CSA: 22mmm² t0 1200mm²
• Rated Current 130A t0 3725A
• Insulation: high quality PVC or Halogen free silicon

Ultraflexx is a braided construction and has a very high flexibility. The conductor ends are press welded and pre-drilled, therefore no crimps or clamps are required and contact resistance is at a minimum. Available in lengths from 200mm to 1000mm as standard with a selection of hole sizes. The ultimate flexible solution.

• CSA: 25mm² to 240mm²
• Rated current up to 1200A with 2 parallel conductors
• Insulation: UL94 V0 chlorine & fluorine free
• Voltage: 1000VAC, 1500VDC
• Dielectric strength: 20kV/mm