Ethernet Switches

SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged / SCALANCE X-100 Media Converters

Use the SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches in machine-level applications for electrical or optical networks - even under extreme ambient conditions.

With the optical SCALANCE XC-100OBR bus relay, you can perform simple maintenance on devices in large networks, for example.

The SCALANCE X-100 media converters support you in converting between two different media.

-SCALANCE XC-100 in a compact design with up to 24 ports and SCALANCE X108PoE for a connection with Power-over-Ethernet

-SCALANCE XC-100OBR for connecting and disconnecting network devices

-SCALANCE X-100 media converter for converting electrical signals to optical signals in Industrial Ethernet networks


With industry-standard design

The robust unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches SCALANCE XC-100 with electrical and/or optical port variants enable cost-optimized networking at the machine level - even with extreme temperature fluctuations.

With SCALANCE X108PoE, you also save on installation costs thanks to integrated Power-over-Ethernet functionality: Data and power are transferred over a single cable.


-Reliable and fail-safe thanks to redundant voltage infeed

-Can be used under extreme ambient conditions (-40°C to +70°C) and in Zone 2 potentially hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx)

-Cost savings through suitable product variants (up to 24 ports, Power-over-Ethernet) and PROFINET-compliant securing collar for reliable data transmission.

-Tested under extreme conditions

-Fast error detection thanks to clear diagnostics LED


Interrupt-free maintenance

Interrupt-free connection and disconnection of devices in extended networks is possible with the rugged optical bypass relay SCALANCE XC-100OBR.

This means that maintenance work for multimode and single-mode FOC networks, for example, can be performed easily during operation.


-Interrupt-free connection and disconnection of network devices, e.g. during maintenance work

-Expansion of plants without interrupting the entire network

-Suitable for use in extended networks (e.g. in wind farms, pipelines, or large chemical plants) thanks to low optical attenuation

-PROFINET-compliant securing collar for reliable data transmission

SCALANCE X-100 Media Converters

The low-cost conversion of electrical signals into optical signals within Industrial Ethernet networks is made possible with the compact SCALANCE X101-1 media converter.


-Conversion from one network to the other (electrical or optical)

Bridging distances of up to 26 km (single mode)

-PROFINET-compliant securing collar for reliable data transmission

Fast diagnostics thanks to signaling contact