Tele Haase (Telecontrols) was founded in 1963 and is Austria’s market leader in developing state-of-the-art monitoring, control and automation technology..

Tele relays function dependably in water treatment plants, transformer stations and industrial plants and are used during renewable energy generation in wind, hydroelectric and solar power plants.

Tele developments meet international quality standards and contribute to environmentally friendly generation of renewable energy using water, wind and the sun.

Tele Haase, (Telecontrols) as a company of the future, has set out to help actively shape social change toward sustainability over the long term by obtaining maximum energy and using this energy as carefully and effectively as possible.

Tele Haase (Telecontrols) produces one-hundred percent of its core products in Austria. Research and development as well as production at our head office in Vienna are our core areas of expertise. Our sales team and more than 50 international trade partners make up our global sales network.

* Wide range of timing relay products

* Monitoring devices for physical quantities such as current, voltage, temperature, frequency, level, power factor, active power …

* Provider of high-quality industrial switching relays and power electronics

* Extensive technical expertise thanks to 50 years of experience

* Global sales network