3SK1 Safety Relays

Safety is a SIRIUS business

The Siemens SIRIUS 3SK clearly proves that safety applications can be implemented quickly, efficiently, and easily. This flexible family of safety relays with modular design has been enlarged with the addition of the new SIRIUS 3SK2 safety relays. They are logical development of the 3SK1. When safety concepts that require multiple safe disconnection paths Need to be implemented, the 3SK2 enables this in a single device. The 3SK basic units offer Maximum functionality while also saving space in the switching cabinet.

Highlights of the 3SK2 include the new safety functions of protective door monitoring with interlock or muting. The Parameters for the 3SK2 devices are set with the intuitive SIRIUS safety software by simply dragging and dropping. This opens up new possibilities with no Need for Elaborate wiring or programming.

Are you looking for a rapid and easy way to realize safe systems? We have the solution: SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays. The new safety relays offer outstanding simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. Their modular design ensures eased system planning, commissioning and expansion. They support the implementation of simple safety functions such as EMERGENCY-STOP and protective door monitoring up to SIL 3 and PL e - easily, without any programming knowledge and in minimum time.

The safety relays are certified in accordance with IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 and are internationally applicable. To meet a variety of requirements, the safety relay now is available in two versions, 3SK1 and 3SK2. Both device versions can be used in stand-alone as well as integrated Solutions.


The new safety relays offer convincing advantages:

  • Clearly structured product portfolio
  • Integrated functionality
  • Minimal time and effort for wiring


Do you want to evaluate multiple sensors or safely disconnect multiple actuators?

This is also supported by the new SIRIUS 3SK1 safety relays. Depending on the application, the basic unit can be flexibly expanded thanks to the modular System design and constistent, end-to-end functionality of the safety relays. The solution is always individually matched to the application because the 3SK family offers scalability for all safety applications, from simple to more demanding.

System expansion

The SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays give you flexibility in configuring and commissioning, and even when expanding or adapting plants. This animation shows how easy it is to expand when the productivity of the plant is to be increased with a second conveyor belt. Simple adaptation is possible thanks to the modularity of the 3SK1 system.


SIRIUS 3SK1 Safety Relays can be seamlessly integrated in the automation technology concept. This ensures minimized time and effort for engineering and positively influences the plant's availability. And the modularity of the safety relays helps you remain flexible at all times.