ATyS g (125 - 3200amp)

4 Pole

3 Pole

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95533012 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 125A 95533012
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95533016 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 160A 95533016
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95533040 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 400A 95533040
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95533050 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 500A 95533050
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95533063 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 630A 95533063
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95533020 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 200A 95533020
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95533025 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 250A 95533025
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95533031 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 315A 95533031
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95533100 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 1000A 95533100
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95533200 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 2000A 95533200
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95533250 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 2500A 95533250
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95533320 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 3200A 95533320
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95533080 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 800A 95533080
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95533120 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 1250A 95533120
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95533160 SOCOMEC ATYS G 3P 1600A 95533160
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ATyS t and ATyS g are 3 or 4 pole automatic transfer switches, with positive break indication. They incorporate all the functions offered by the ATyS d, as well as functions intended for mains/mains applications (ATyS t) and mains/genset applications (ATyS g).
In automatic mode they enable the monitoring of, and the onload changeover between, two power supply sources, in accordance with the parameters configured via two potentiometers and four DIP switches.
They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.

Rapid commissioning

ATyS t and g switches offer significant time saving during commissioning (process takes 2 to 3 minutes). Owing to the design that allows commissioning through just two
potentiometers (4 on the ATyS g) and four DIP switches, a screwdriver is all that is required to configure the parameters. For added simplicity, they also offer an autoconfiguration function which enables automatic adjustment of the rated voltage and frequency.

ATyS t: specifically designed for mains/mains applications

The ATyS t’s integrated controller has been designed to provide only the functions required for these applications (operation with or without priority, preferred source selection)
together with the monitoring of the voltage and frequency of both sources, for threephase and single-phase networks

ATyS g: specifically designed for mains/ genset applications

The ATyS g’s integrated controller has been designed to provide specific functions for these applications (genset startup, on-load or off-load tests...) together with the monitoring of the voltage and frequency of both sources for three-phase and single-phase networks. The generator supply must be connected to switch II, located at the rear.