NH Fuseswitch Disconnectors


The QUADRON®Panel NH fuse switch disconnectors of sizes 000 to 4a safeguard and isolate currents up to 1600A. Sizes 000 to 2 can be mounted on DIN rails. In sizes 00 to 3 versions with electronic or electro- mechanical fuse monitoring can be selected. Various accessories are available for connecting copper and aluminium conductors.

QUADRON®Panel switch disconnector version with spring-operated mechanism for frequent switching in keeping with utilisation category “A”. With FLAG indicating the switch position; lockable with up to 3 shackle locks in the OFF position. In the variant – rotary actuator for operation in front of closed door – combinable with the door coupling rotary handle.

Maximum safety is provided by the QUADRON®Panel design with NH fuses. The switch here has a switch-on preventer when the lid is opened. This makes changing NH fuses particularly easy and safe. Aside from the rotary actuator variant, versions with fuse monitoring are also available. A wide range of connection accessories supplement product selection.

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