ATyS d (125 -3200amp)

3 Pole

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95333020 SOCOMEC ATYS D 3P 200A 95333020
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95333100 SOCOMEC ATYS D 3P 1000A 95333100
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95333250 SOCOMEC ATYS D 3P 2500A 95333250
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ATyS r and ATyS d are 3 or 4 pole remotely operated motorised transfer switches with positive break indication.
They enable the on-load transfer of two three-phase power supplies via remote volt-free contacts, from either an external automatic controller, using pulse logic, or a switch.
They are intended for use in low voltage power systems where interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer


Watchdog relay to check product availability

ATyS r and ATyS d products are equipped with a Watchdog relay which constantly monitors your product, thereby securing the installation. This relay informs in real time the user of the product's availability, i.e. whether it is operational and ready for source switching.

Integrated auxiliary contacts

As part of the product monitoring function, the ATyS r and ATyS d enable the transmission of information relating to their position. This is possible thanks to the standard integration of an auxiliary contact for each position.

Extended power supply range

ATyS r and ATyS d products offer greater availability thanks to their extensive power supply range of 208 to 277 VAC ± 20%.

ATyS d: integrated dual power supply

In addition to the functions offered by the ATyS r, the ATyS d incorporates supply redundancy without the need for additional wiring. This is obtained by integrating a double supply (2 independent power supplies) directly within the product.