G120C Compact

Description Part Number Price (ex VAT) Qty
G120C 3PH 0.55KW FIL G120C 0.37KW CT (1.3A) ,0.55KW VT (1.7A) 6SL32101KE118AF2
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G120C 3PH 0.75KW FIL G120C 0.55KW CT (1.7A) ,0.75KW VT (2.2A) 6SL32101KE123AF2
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G120C 3PH 1.1KW FILT G120C 0.75KW CT (2.2A) , 1.1KW VT (3.1A) 6SL32101KE132AF2
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G120C 3PH 1.5KW FILT G120C 1.1KW CT (3.1A) , 1.5KW VT (4.1A) 6SL32101KE143AF2
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6SL3210-1KE15-8AF2 G120C 1.5KW CT (4.1A) , 2.2KW VT (5.6A) 6SL32101KE158AF2
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G120C 2.2/3KW 3PH G120C 2.2KW CT (5.6A) , 3.0KW VT (7.3A) 6SL32101KE175AF1
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G120C 3.0KW 7.3A PRO G120C 3.0KW CT (7.3A) , 4.0KW VT (8.8A) 6SL32101KE188AF1
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G120C 4/5.5KW 3PH G120C 4.0KW CT (8.8A) , 5.5KW VT (12.5A) 6SL32101KE213AF1
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G120C 5.5KW 12.5A PR G120C 5.5KW CT (12.A) , 7.5KW VT (16.5) 6SL32101KE217AF1
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G120C 7.5KW 16.5A PR G120C 7.5KW CT (16.5) , 11KW VT (25) 6SL32101KE226AF1
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G120C 11KW 25A PROFI G120C 11KW CT (25A) , 15KW VT (31A) 6SL32101KE232AF1
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G120C 15KW 31A PROFI G120C 15KW CT (31A) , 18.5KW VT (37A) 6SL32101KE238AF1
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G120C 3PH 22KW FILTE G120C 18.5KW CT (37A) , 22KW VT (43A) 6SL32101KE244AF1
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G120C 3PH 30KW FILTE G120C 22KW CT (43.A) , 30KW VT (58A) 6SL32101KE260AF1
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G120C 3PH 37KW FILTE G120C 30KW CT (58A) , 37KW VT (68A) 6SL32101KE270AF1
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G120C 3PH 45KW FILTE G120C 37KW CT (68A) , 45KW VT (82.5A) 6SL32101KE284AF1
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G120C 3PH 55KW FILTE G120C 45KW CT (82.5A) , 55KW VT (103A) 6SL32101KE311AF1
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G120C 3PH 75KW FILTE G120C 55KW CT (103A) , 75KW VT (136A) 6SL32101KE314AF1
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G120C 3PH 90KW FILTE G120C 75KW CT (136A) , 90KW VT (164A) 6SL32101KE317AF1
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G120C 3PH 110KW FILT G120C 90KW CT (164A) , 110KW VT (110A) 6SL32101KE321AF1
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G120C 3PH 132KW FILT G120C 110KW CT (201A) , 132KW VT (237A) 6SL32101KE324AF1
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SINAMICS G120C Built-in units

The compact and versatile inverter with optimum functionalit

SINAMICS G120C is especially compact with a high power density, and offers a well-balanced combination of functions to address a wide range of applications. With its seven frame sizes, it covers a performance range of 0.55 kW to 132 kW.


  • Compact even in high performance ranges up to 132 kW
  • Side by side installation of all frame sizes without current or performance reduction

Simple commissioning and operation

  • Intuitive series commissioning, cloning function through BOP-2, IOP or SD card
  • Simple and fast software parameterization

Perfect integration

  • Full integration of the drives in the TIA Portal system diagnostics
  • The use of the TIA Portal library concept ensures the easy reusability of the converters, including the parameter and hardware components

Leading-edge technology

  • The energy-efficient, sensorless vector control allows high torques with low frequency setpoints
  • Further external components are not required due to the certified safety function Safe Torque Off, which is integrated as standard.

Reliable communication

  • All commonly used bus systems such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS and USS/ Modbus RTU are supported