Digiware Multi Circuit


The DIRIS Digiware system is a hub of technological innovations that revolutionises the world of measurements, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations and making connection and configuration easy.
These innovations, together with unrivaled performance in terms of accuracy and functionality, make DIRIS Digiware the most effective solution for metering consumption, measuring and monitoring the quality of electrical energy in industrial and commercial applications.

• Management and optimisation of the power installed: DIRIS Digiware allows you to identify most demanding loads and monitor abnormal electrical values, providing you with a perfectly-managed electrical network.

• Simplified network maintenance: the electrical energy quality monitoring functions offered by DIRIS Digiware make it easier to anticipate electrical malfunctions.



Can monitor several circuits via a single current measurement module thanks to independent current inputs.

Accuracy as per standard IEC 61557-12

• Class 0.5 from 2% to 120% of rated current for the global measurement chain (associated with TE current sensors).
• Class 0.2 for the meter alone.

Cost effective and flexible

• Implementation in a quarter of the time vs existing technologies.
• Installation of modules and sensors at the closest point to the load.
• Mutualised functions:
- Centralised display.
- A single voltage measurement for the entire system.
- Auxiliary power supply.
• Compact design: suitable for new, existing or installations with space restrictions.
• Large range of current sensors.

Plug & Play

• RJ12 current sensor connection
- Automatic detection of ratings.
- Identification of cables by color-coding.
- Disconnection of the current sensor secondary under load.
• RJ45 interconnection of I and U modules via Digiware bus.
• Auto-configuration of parameters: Network and load type - addressing of devices connected to the bus.