Horner APG - Providing solutions for Industrial, Process and Building Automation.

Horner APG are global leaders in the design and manufacture of factory automation control solutions.

We are part of the world-wide Horner Electric Group that was founded in 1949 and have been designing PLC's , Communication Products, HMI'sand their related products since the early '80s.

Based in Cork, Ireland, Horner Ireland Limited is the European Headquarters of the Group and was founded in 1997.

We provide full support for European customers and distributors including:

  • European Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Design and Development
  • Custom Product Development
  • Technical Support

Our ranges of Programmable Logic Controllers and Human Machine Interfaces are widely used across the industry in all sorts of applications including

  • Industrial Automation
  • Process Automation, and
  • Building Automation

Our ethos is to design and manufacture innovative products that are extremely easy to use and provide significant value to our customers. This is conducted within a quality system that is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our speciality is designing products that exactly suit your needs. If our standard product range does not meet your requirements there is every possibility that we can produce a custom product that will.

Given our size and flexibility we are able to quickly and efficiently design and manufacture custom products at volumes that will surprise you. This is the Horner way !