This statement reflects the company's aim and policy. MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of standardised industrial plugs and sockets with subsidiaries and agencies in over 90 countries. A long term relationship with installers, wholesalers and industry has moulded the company's development.
The first subsidiary abroad was MENNEKES Electric Limited in Orpington, founded in 1987 by Bob Wheeler and Walter Mennekes. The company has since continued to grow in the UK market due to the reliability of their products and services.

The history of MENNEKES dates back to 1935, when Aloys Mennekes received his master craftsman's diploma in electrical engineering and founded his own company. What started as a small electrical workshop is today a truly global company. With its 13 subsidiaries, more than 63 sales companies and agencies, the company has a worldwide presence.
Nevertheless, MENNEKES remains a family business, and whilst run by the founder's son Walter Mennekes, the third generation is currently entering the company.