In the beginning of 2015 Stego nominated our Thermal Management experts "Electronics Protectors". This term exactly describes what they have been offering with there range of cutting-edge products for a long time: worldwide protection for "endangered" electronics from heat, cold and humidity.

For those who rely on a trouble-free operation of their electronics, their specialists do not only offer Thermal Management solutions, they are indeed electronics protectors who make sure that electronics in your installations worldwide is safe from extreme climatic conditions. Not only in enclosures, but in any installation with electromechanical and electronic "inner life".

You think they exaggerate? That this sounds like a campaign of the "World Wide Fund For Electronics"? That was the idea. This is what they intend to convey with this years' advertising campaign that includes unexpected motifs. They try to revive electronic components by representing them as little creatures that are, too, worthy to be protected.

Constant changes in daily temperatures, as well as extreme climatic conditions in particularly warm or cold regions are a challenge for your electronic components. Luckily, STEGO offers Thermal Management solutions to protect sensitive parts in enclosures and other installations from corrosion and malfunction.

In the course of over 30 years, our products "Made in Germany" have been appreciated for their reliability and longevity by customers worldwide. We have managed to combine innovation and design of our products to complement each other for best use in your applications.